Who Taught You to Hate Yourself…


       This specific quote from Malcolm X’s”Who Taught You to Hate Yourself”. spoke to me in such a powerful way. Maybe because I wounder the same things even in the world that I live in today. Working in a retail store I often hear African American women stating that when buying make up and hair products they are faced with problems like finding the right complexions to match their skin tones which making them literally hate their own color, those women make wishes of their skin being lighter and whiter. Then there are other women who wish they didn’t have curves, maybe if they were shaped like a white girl it would be easier to shop and buy more clothing.  Being so young and open to adults who speak badly on being black it makes me question myself sometimes. Then I remember that it is not only African American women who hate themselves and what God made them, but other races  who go through the same things. For instances, there are white women who get skin tans so that they are darker, they risk skin cancer just to be the color that black girls hate. These white women pay thousands of dollars getting breast implants and body injections in the hopes of being as curvy as the black women that I see in my store every day and it makes me sad.

Why Taught Them To  Hate Themselves?


In regards to @RusulAlrubail “For the Love of Teaching“, I feel that I as an individual have experienced moments in my life that made me feel exactly how she feels about teaching. Throughout grade school I have had teachers tell me that I wasn’t at the appropriate standards to achieve goals that I had set for myself, as well as teachers who have made it hard for me to even want to learn for that matter. During her TED Talk she says a quote “Imagine what it feels like not to be heard.” Out of everything that she spoke about this one specific thing really spoke to me because I have been in the position of not being heard and i’ve sat in a classroom asking for a teachers help only to not receive it. When I was in the first grade my teacher held me back, her reason being that she did not believe that I had reached speech proficiency even after I spent and entire school year begging for help. As a first grader I became very confused about learning but I also learned at an early age if I wanted to learn I had to teach myself. By the fifth grade I had completely changed my direction of learning and the funny thing is, I had the same exact teacher and she tried to fail me again only this time her reason being that I was a distraction and that I was to talkative in class. When my mother asked her why she had targeted me all these years all she could say is that she should have passed me the first time when she had the chance. Now at the age of 21 I think of these experiences and I appreciate them. If it had not been for teachers like her I would have never learned how important it is to actually be a teacher and not just teach a class. Students need more teachers who are willing to actually take the time out and help them learn instead of letting them believe that the are not good enough to succeed.

Apology from MY Generation


I am an African American college student trying to make it in today’s society.

                I am held accountable for the falling of our black community. I am responsible for my sisters and brothers hiding behind the white man’s system, (they were expecting me to speak for them). I have polluted the black economy (I’m sorry) my bad habits were taught to me; MATERIALISM over BLACK ACTIVISM. (I apologize)

I am only and African American college student trying to make it in today’s society.

     You see me, I am the reason that black people don’t own business, that black people aren’t CEO’s that black people have not risen above the status quo. (Because) I one choose not to work hard enough to achieve my goals, choose not to work hard enough to achieve the things that I need yet I will splurge on the things that I want. I two will never support my black sisters and black brothers, I am the original hater. I would support the white man before I support you there is not possible way you could be doing better than me we are the same color. And finally I three, followed in the footsteps set before me. You see we (speaking for my generation as me) followed passed generations to get where we are today. The falling of the black community started WAY before our time (yea we may have made it worst) but the black community stop fighting way before its prime. Yet me, (WE) are blamed for its dying. (I’m sorry) we only display what we are taught. Growing up watching my black brothers in these streets, their fathers encouraged my black brothers to run these streets, and black mothers whether she be trick, tramp and or hoe as long as the bills were paid. Instead of just going to school and getting and education.

I am an African American college student trying to get an education.

In my generation there is a 17 year old CEO trying to heal our nation. In my generation we are beaten, killed, and blamed for our black community yet you scream unity. While pointing the finger so in my generation, we turned to violence, (violence) because it got us notice, (violence) because speaking went unnoticed. After all we are just a bunch of dumb kids’ and we don’t even know what we are fighting for.

I am only and African American college student trying to make it in today’s society.

And I am tired of hearing from the nation that the black community is at war. This is the last and final apology from MY GENERATION.


Parking On Campus


 Nothing bubbles my skin more than parking at EWC. I mean its bad enough that we have to walk two to three blocks to get from building to building. The school could at least provide proper spacing for students who just so happened to have cars. Most students find themselves parking at what we call the “Rocks”. The rocks are nothing but two giant piles of gravel surrounded by trees, grass, and pavement. Rocks are used by us students as well as the teachers of the campus as well as anyone who decides to visit the school. Did I mention that it’s also used as a common hang out spot for those who have no actual intentions of going to class, so you can obviously guess that the parking lot is always full? Like hello stop using up all the space from us scholars people. I would talk about the only real parking lots at the campus (located directly by the HS building where most of our class are held) but those are reserved strictly for teachers, so parking there will most likely result in a fine or your car being towed away. This is going to result in the students having way more problems than just being late to class or missing an assignment.

  • Secondly, were going to address a giant elephant that mostly just the education students will have to go through. Everyone knows that if you have classes at JWJ that chances are your either going to be late due to finding a parking lot or you’re going to have to park all the way at the gym and be late due to the walk you have to take to get to class. Like come on EWC, what was the point of buying out a whole school if you were going to let us used only the front of the school as for parking in addition to cutting half of that parking lot strictly for teachers. What is the point of closing off the back of the schools parking lot for teachers if you know that there are going to be about 40 kids in the building at once with only 15 parking lots available?